About EOS

Our music is new and fresh but embraces the sound of the 80´s. Because that´s what we like, just like a big audience does. Edge Of Sanity was founded first in 1989 and played with succes untill 1996, when the band won a prestigious prize in the Dutch club circuit. Shortly after the band split up and the bandmembers played in different bands from that time on. About 2 years ago Edge Of Sanity reunited and composed an entirely new stage program and CD. The CD will be released within a few weeks and critics are already very positive. In oktober 2006 Edge Of Sanity played as the support act of Omar and The Howlers, the famous US blues act. Edge Of Sanity is looking for nice gigs and tours to perform it’s original music. With an intense sound, EOS plays a compelling crossover of styles. Rock, jazz, progressive rock, symfo, funk, and even blues are melted together into one captivating and stunning new musical experience. All you have to do is open your ears, close your eyes and enjoy the groove. Allright, I understand, you want to hear names! Toto, Phil Collins, Marillion, Jamie Cullum, Pink Floyd, Dreamtheatre, just to name a few, but certainly not all, musical influences. EOS can rock like hell and lure you into musical dreams within seconds; while every single note came from EOS’ own imagination. Be enchanted and feel the groove.

“If Genesis and Yes would groove like Toto, they were Edge Of Sanity”

The name “Edge of Sanity” was taken from the movie “Edge of Sanity” 1989 with Anthony Perkins.(Director Gérard Kikoïne)

Vocals – Ruud Slakhorst
Keyboards – Dick van der Meyde
Drums – Harry Kramer
Guitars – Emanuel Assies
Bass – Philip Platt

They like EOS too!


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